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About our work

At SOLTI we promote excellence when performing our independent clinical research in oncology.  

With an accumulated pipeline of 77 clinical trials, we are one of the reference groups in oncology at a national and international level.

It is from our members’ own ideas that we have been able to reach a portfolio with 60% of self-promoted trials

With a traslational-basis, our trials are grouped under three programs:

  • Clinical Trial Program

Phase I, II and III classical trials, proof-of-concept. Involving quite a large period of time, give us information on a drug’s efficacy.   

  • Window Program

Very informative trials at a biological level. They take advantage of the period between the diagnosis and surgery to test new therapeutic strategies.

  • Biomarker Program

Trials with no drug-intervention. Samples collection + correlative analysis of tumors and liquid biopsies. Looking for clinically-predictive biomarkers and mechanisms of resistance.


SOLTI is involved in all phases of clinical research development. It has a large scientific platform and has the skills to manage all stages of a clinical trial, from the initial idea for the development of the concept to its implementation, as well as the subsequent management of the study and its corresponding dissemination.


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